Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19th, 2015

Hello everyone,

This week was pretty relaxed because president went to Uruguay all week for a mission president seminar so we didn´t have any reports or interviews to do this week. It was great because we got to go out to visit more investigators and less actives. It was great and we hope that many or at least one will go to church this week. On Sunday we had a lesson on the plan of salvation, then they invited us to dinner on Thursday and it was really good! They have a lot more confidence in us and feel a little more comfortable with us and our message. We hope that they go to church on Sunday. We also did service with some members in the ward at a less actives house. We cleaned their house because it was super dirty! It was crazy how dirty it was and my companion felt a little bad about it so he is excited to clean our apartment this evening! hahahhaha. Other than that, nothing else really happened.

Hey, I am happy that dad found a job now! That´s great! I hope everything goes well in the new company! Good thing you had the idea to teach piano a few years ago. hahaha. That´s great you are ponderizing a scripture each week! Sadly I´m not doing that, but I am trying to memorize a scripture everyday or every other day, in spanish of course. Today I memorized John 3:19-21 it´s a pretty awesome scripture and explains a lot about how many people in the world think and act. It´s great. Tell everyone that I say hi!

Have a great week!

Elder Giles

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October 5, 2015


So we are taking this time between the sessions of general conference to write you right now. It is a little weird to have p-day on Saturday. But it is good that we can change the hours a little bit. Because on Friday, we took three hours for p-day and then on Monday we are going to have the district activity, so that takes up a little more time as well. But everything is going well here in the offices and we are super busy as always. So some cool things happened this week; like a bird was trapped in the church so we had to get that out. Also our apartment is also like the mission hotel because all the missionaries that have to do things in the offices and go to the hospital and things like that stay over night. So the other night, we had like 8 extra missionaries and it was crazy. Then on Thursday we did interchanges with other missionaries in the offices and so I got to go to a city in the country that is called CaƱuelas. It was a pretty day to go out. Then we got everything ready for the interviews for all the zones in the mission and now this week we have to finish some reports for president! How fun ha ha ha.

Also this week was great because we have a family of investigators called the Sanchez Family and they are great. Brother Sanchez likes to talk with us and said that we are the first "ministers" of a religion that he has let inside his house. He and his family have been to many religions and they say that they are looking for the truth and are not sure where to find it, so we are helping them out a lot. So on Thursday we had a great lesson in which we went over the Restoration and then we invited them to be baptized, and they said yes! Well the wife and daughter said yes but soon the father will decide too. They said they will come to the general conference tomorrow so we are super excited. Their baptismal date is set for the 31st of October, Halloween! hahaha!

I am happy for the time I have in the mission and I know the Lord loves us and wants what´s best for us. And yes, my mission president is Pres. Thurgood.

Have a great week!

Elder Giles