Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28th, 2015

Hello Family,

So this week was pretty fun. It is really weird to be in an office basically all day but it reminds me of my days working in DP technology.. kind of... ha ha ha. So yeah it rained basically all week but we didn´t feel a thing. We had a lot of stuff to do because it was the first week of the transfer and so we didn´t get to go outside and work too much. Normally we try to get out for 3 hours a day but this week we only got out to visit people like an hour a day so that was kind of sad, but hopefully this week we´ll be able to get out more. The offices are really quiet. It is mainly my comp and I and the Mitchell's here. The other two that are in charge of housing and visas are usually out and about so we don´t see them that much.

So this week my comp has been showing me all the stuff that we have to do as part of records and it is pretty cool to see the administrative side of the mission. Another cool thing is that we will be a little closer to president and get to know him better. So this week we prepared some things for the district leader meeting and training meeting for the newbies. My companion, Elder Maldonado, is district leader along with secretary so he went to the meeting on Thursday and I did splits with another elder, Elder Portugal, in San Jose which is close by. It was fun and we got lost because he only had 4 days in the area, so yeah...

Tomorrow we have church and our church is huge compared to the one in Laferrere 2 so it´s pretty cool. I have met a few members like the bishop´s counselors and the ward mission leader and they are going to have me present myself in church  tomorrow, so it will be fun!

Have a great week! I´ll send more pictures later!

Elder giles

Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21st, 2015

So today we had transfers and there is some exciting news: I am in the offices of the mission! My companion is Elder Maldonado from Chile and we are the secretaries in charge of records, so we are going to be pretty busy. Today I have time to write you, but my p-day will be Saturdays from now on. Also, I think I am going to end my mission here in the offices because I only have 3 transfers left in the mission and it will be good because there won´t be time to be trunky, ha ha ha. So I will be in contact with many things and also on Uncle Matt the Kid´s progress.( this is the family nick name for Elder Giles' cousin, Matt) The secretary to the president told me that Matt won´t come for like 2 weeks for the ingrown toe nail and it is quite possible that I will see him, and if not, I could call him! ha ha ha. Today was pretty relaxed because there wasn´t that much stuff to do and my companion is showing me the basic stuff that we do for right now but things will pick up pretty soon. They say that our job is the busiest.

This week was also pretty good. We continued to work with the less actives that we were teaching and with Maria who is super excited to be baptised. It was funny because on Sunday she saw the calender for lunches and asked when she could give us lunch, and she´s not even a member yet! ha ha  it´s good to see that she doesn´t know the difference.

Sounds like you guys had a great week and I am glad that everyone is doing great. Sometimes Heavenly Father puts trials in our lives to test our faithfulness and our dedication to the gospel and I am super happy that you are true to the gospel and the church in this trying time. I know that we are blessed for being faithful and the Lord will open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings that there will not be enough room to receive them. That is also an awesome story about the fast for rain! There is a lot of power when the ward comes together. Tell Clay I say hi and congratulate him for being awesome in football!

Have a great week!

Elder Giles

Maria, who will be baptized in October and the church

The Vasquez family who gave us lunch every Sunday and Martin who is an investigator

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015


This week was pretty different. Cold and super windy but we had a good time. The overcoat I have works wonders! My companion and I are doing well and are working hard. Even though we don`t have many investigators we are contacting and talking with a bunch of people and it is really fun! ha ha ha! We can see that many people are willing to listen to us and others not so much. Yes, I am getting over my cold and living conditions have been the same for the last 6 months... But we did deep clean the apartment today so that was fun. I am also doing a lot of "cooking." This morning I made pancakes, last night I made popcorn and a few times I have made rice and noodles. It`s pretty fun! We also learned from a member how to make a white sauce for noodles so we tried it out today and it was good! ha ha ha!

I am happy that everything is going well and that everyone is improving. You guys also seem pretty busy! That`s hilarious that you went on a night ride with Clay and his friends. Sounds like they crashed a bunch, ha ha ha. I am super happy that everything is going great with everyone and that everyone is happy. Looks like Clay is getting stronger and bigger height and width wise, ha ha, but that`s great and I am glad that he`s doing well in football. 

Right now I am about one block from McDonald's and after we`re done here we`re going to go get some ice cream because it is starting to get hot here. It has been windy all week and pretty cold. We have one investigator that is progressing very well that has a baptismal date set for the 10th of October and we are super excited. She has gone to church twice already and loves the Book of Mormon. We had a bunch of other investigators but they weren`t progressing so we stopped visiting them and now we are looking for new ones. We are also working a lot with members and are trying to get a member in just about every lesson that we have but it is hard because my area is a branch and there aren`t that many members that can or that are willing to accompany us. But we are working hard and doing our best.

It`s a little hard at times in the mission but it is very comforting to know that the Lord loves us and helps us in every way that He can as long as we are obedient. This week I was reading about the 7 plagues and how the house of Israel left Egypt and one thing that I was thinking about this week was that the only reason that those things happened was so that the people could remember the Lord. If Pharaoh had let them leave the first time that Moses asked, the people would say that Pharaoh had set them free, but they passed through all those trials and through the red sea so that they could remember that the Lord loves us and helps us in every moment of our lives. The more we recongnize him in our lives, the happier we are and the more blessed we will be. I know that to be true.

Have a great week

Elder Giles