Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28th, 2015

Hello Family,

So this week was pretty fun. It is really weird to be in an office basically all day but it reminds me of my days working in DP technology.. kind of... ha ha ha. So yeah it rained basically all week but we didn´t feel a thing. We had a lot of stuff to do because it was the first week of the transfer and so we didn´t get to go outside and work too much. Normally we try to get out for 3 hours a day but this week we only got out to visit people like an hour a day so that was kind of sad, but hopefully this week we´ll be able to get out more. The offices are really quiet. It is mainly my comp and I and the Mitchell's here. The other two that are in charge of housing and visas are usually out and about so we don´t see them that much.

So this week my comp has been showing me all the stuff that we have to do as part of records and it is pretty cool to see the administrative side of the mission. Another cool thing is that we will be a little closer to president and get to know him better. So this week we prepared some things for the district leader meeting and training meeting for the newbies. My companion, Elder Maldonado, is district leader along with secretary so he went to the meeting on Thursday and I did splits with another elder, Elder Portugal, in San Jose which is close by. It was fun and we got lost because he only had 4 days in the area, so yeah...

Tomorrow we have church and our church is huge compared to the one in Laferrere 2 so it´s pretty cool. I have met a few members like the bishop´s counselors and the ward mission leader and they are going to have me present myself in church  tomorrow, so it will be fun!

Have a great week! I´ll send more pictures later!

Elder giles

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