Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19th, 2014

We had the baptism of Cinita on Saturday and everything went smoothly! Elder Rivera and I are so excited for her and we hope to baptize the rest of her family in the coming month or so!

It has been a little chilly this week during the day and pretty cold at night. I had to find more blankets in our pensión so I wouldn´t be as cold. It also rained a few times this week and we had a cool experience on Thursday night. We got to our pensión at 8:55 that night and the rule for the mission is that we need to be in our pensiónes at 9 and exactly at 9 it started to rain super hard. We are blessed if we keep the rules/commandments!

This next week there are transfers and I am pretty sure that Elder Rivera will be transfered and I will get a new Senior Companion! The situation is a little weird because usually the senior companion leads the area and introduces the new missionary to the members and investigators, but I, as the greenie, will have to do everything like this. I have faith in the Lord that everything will go well and that my next companion will be awesome!

I will try to have some awesome experiences to share with you all next week

Hope everything is going well!

Les Amo!
Elder Giles

Baptism of Cinita, Elder Giles' first baptism, second since entering Argentina

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