Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Que loco esta semana pasada‏!


This past week was... different. Elder Flores and I were having a good week in the work of the Lord and had many plans to progress a handful of investigators, but Friday night we got a call from our Zone Leaders that we both were getting transferred out of our area in a sort of "flash" transfer and would be in a different area on Saturday. It was a huge surprise because flash transfers are very rare and even more when both missionaries are transferred out. In this case, our area is now closed, which is a bummer because the members are the best and Elder Flores and I wanted to work as hard as we could in order to baptize many people. So now I am in Santos Lugares with a different companion: Elder Cañari who is from Perù. One good thing is that I am in the same zone so I can say "hi" to members in Loma Hermosa every once in a while.

Sunday and Saturday was Stake Conference! It was really awesome! There was a stake choir and all the missionaries were invited to sing in it too! We sang "El Christ Es,""O Mi Padre (words from the Hymn book but set to the tune of `Come thou Fount of Every Blessing´)," and "El Amor del Salvador." We weren`t the Mormon Tabernacle Chior, but we sang well and felt the Spirit very strongly. Presidente Carter (President of the Mission), The Stake Presidente and the President of the Temple of Beunos Aires all spoke. I like a piece of what the President of the Temple said that the repetition of the ordinances of the Temple help us receive revelation and through this we learn more about Heavenly Father and His plan of salvation.

Everything is going well in my new area. We havn´t done much yet because of Stake Conference but I am looking forward to this next week with faith and the hope to learn a lot more about how to be a better missionary and servant of the Lord.

Les Amo!
Elder Giles

June 1st, Caseros Stake Conference

The Mission President, President Carter writes: "The missionaries sang in a choir with the Young Single Adults called JAS here. It was really beautiful. I love walking in the door of the chapel and seeing the corridors lined with missionaries. They have expectant smiles as they wait hopefully for their investigators to join them on this beautiful Sunday morning.I also like it when the buses arrive and dozens of members and missionaries and investigators pour into the chapel for Sunday Service."

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