Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Wow, This year has gone by super duper fast and I can´t believe that I´m starting my down hill slope.... The time in the mission is like riding a bike, the down hill is a lot faster and a lot more fun! I´m super pumped and excited to work here in Marcos Paz 2 because we met some great people this week:

We had many investigators come to church: We had Melody, our only baptismal date come to church and this time she brought her mom too. She is continuing to read and pray but the only thing that she lacks is that she doesn´t feel ready. So to help her with that we focused more on reading the Book of Mormon, repentance, and praying to receive an answer. Her mom is also Catholic but was very accepting of us and in church she asked us some good questions so that was awesome. Another investigator´s name is Maria. She used to be evangelist but left due to problems in her church but is super happy to meet with us. We gave her a Book of Mormon about 2 weeks ago and she is almost done reading it! She also went to church on Sunday but only for the first hour which is the Relief Society because she had to go home and take care of her dad, but when she left she felt super happy and content and said that she will do everything possible to come for all three hours next week. Lastly we met a new part-member family in which the wife, Vanessa, is not a member and the Husband, Claudio, is but they are not married. The good thing is that they really want to get married and go to church and everything but they are a little lazy. What they need is more friends and support from the ward so we are going to focus on getting them to meet members.

That was the good part of the week but the bad part is that it is super hot and humid, so I´m getting a sweet tan but also we are sweating a lot. It doesn´t feel that great but we work anyways. It also didn´t rain that much this week and on Wednesday it rained for like an hour in the morning and then the sun came out so that made it even more humid... The forecast this week is that it will be cloudy most of the week and then a thunderstorm on Sunday... Welp, more chances to use rain boots!

One thing I read in my scriptures this week which was great was John chapter 4 in the Bible. The first part is about the waters of life and it is a good story and another part talks about the work of salvation and that some sow and some reap but we all rejoice in the harvest.

Have a great week!
Love, Elder Giles

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