Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

Hey Family!

The week was good! We found some new investigators and part member families and we are working a lot with less actives. I am adjusting just fine to the area and comp, and we are working hard everyday to get everything done that we need to. Our area is huge for only two of us, so we are running all over the place. It is also getting colder here in Argentina. Last night there was a super cold wind blowing so we were freezing. Time to break out the winter clothes! 

On Sunday was the stake conference for our stake Gonzalez Catan and there were to Elders from the Seventy that came: Elder Zaballos, who spoke in General conference in April, and another but I forgot his name ha ha ha... :( One thing that was cool is that I talked to Elder Zaballos a little, well actually at the time I was talking to him, I didn´t realize that he was from the seventy and after he left my comp told me who he was. I was like gaahh! I missed my only chance to talk to a seventy.... que tonto... )  

Elder Zaballos, his wife, President Robertson, and the 1st councilor of the temple presidency spoke. They talked a lot about how as members of this church we need to be more like Nephi and less like Laman in our assignments and that we should do all we can to bring more people into the fold. Sister Zeballos talked about getting up and getting stuff done because many times we think that "some day I will do this" but in the end we don´t end up doing it. It was a great talk.

Any ways, I hope that everything goes well for Sunday and that we can Skype. Hopefully you all will be on at the appointed time and if not I will call beforehand to warn you guys.

Have a great week!

Elder Giles

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