Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 23rd and June 29th, 2015

A new mission, Buenos Aires East, is being formed. Elder Giles is moving into the Buenos Aires South mission.


I am glad that everything turned out fine this week and that you are enjoying the summer vacations! I hope that everything goes well this week and the you all can take a "break" ha ha ha ha.

So this week was pretty fun weather wise. I was super cold Monday through Thursday and then on Friday the temperature rose with the humidity. Then it rained all day Saturday and Sunday which was fine because we got to use our rain boots! But it wasn´t that great because when it rains, basically everything shuts down in Argentina and basically no one goes to church. My comp and I also gave talks on Sunday but there was only like 30 people that showed up... oh, well. Better luck next time.

This week we also did exchanges with the district leader, Elder Hokanson. In Preach My Gospel in Chapter 9 it talks about talking with everyone, so we took that as a challenge and contacted everyone in our path. We had set a goal to talk to 10 new people that day and we ended up talking to about 30. It was a good day but contacting that many people drains you physically and spiritually so after lunch we were walking around like zombies, ha ha ha ha. It was fun. On Thursday we did service, picking a hole in a less active family´s wall. And we found a new couple and grandma to teach. Then on Sunday we turned into marriage counselors and helped two families set dates to get married. That´s one thing that is hard about the mission, when you find families with kids but they are not married... welp, no one said it was easy.

This Wednesday we will be in the South mission. Tomorrow we have lunch with President Robertson and on Thursday we have a conference with the new president. We think that we will have transfers this week and that at least one of us is leaving. I am excited to see what happens.

Have a great week!

Elder Giles

Buenos Aires West Mission: Last time together.

Elder Giles is in the back row on the left, centered in the gate

Letter from June 23rd

First. HAPPY FATHER´S DAY!!!!! and HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!! We had a great time too. My comp felt sick so we couldn't do much, just rested a little. ha ha ha ha. So this last week was crazy? the family was all over the place. Good thing it's summer vacation! I hope this week goes well for you. Hahaha, that´s hilarious that you want to show Veggie tales. Most of my knowledge of the Old Testament is from watching those movies, ha ha ha. They´re great!

This past week was alright. We found some new investigators from some part member families and some former investigators. One Friday all of our plans fell through and we went with members and everything! It was a long day... On Wednesday we did splits with the zone leaders and district leader to find new investigators. We did A LOT of tracting but it was fun. We met a bunch of interesting people, most of which had already talked to missionaries before in past years and are happy to talk to us again.

Not much else happened this week. We went to the temple again and this is our last week in Buenos Aires West Mission. The next week will be very interesting....

Have a great week!

Elder Giles

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