Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20th, 2015


So this week was pretty eventful. We had Felicia´s baptism which was awesome. It was super spiritual and special for her and and her daughter, Patricia. They both received answers to their prayers and they now have testimonies that the church is true! Sweet!

On Wednesday we also had interviews with president and he told me when I would be going home. There is a transfer date on the 14th of December and the 26th of January. So president has the authority to let a missionary go home at most a month earlier or later that his start date so for me to go home on the 14th of December, he would have to ask permission, and also have a reason to do it. otherwise I could go home on the 26th. I am fine with going home in January. What do you think? We could celebrate Christmas in January? 

Another thing. I talked to President about how to get into BYU Idaho because he used to work there as head of the Religion Department, I think. He wasn´t sure when the dead line is but he said that we should start doing the applications right now. So could you look up the requirements and stuff like that? Also president told me that if I need to, I can get permission to look up here during p-day. 

The other pictures are of the chapel and my comp wanted to sleep in my bed so I gave him one of my blankets 


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