Sunday, February 2, 2014

February 1st, 2014

The MTC is getting better and better the longer I´m here but I am also anxious to get to Argentina and start teaching the people! My Spanish is also getting better everyday and I know it´s through the help of the Lord that we are able to progress so fast!
It was just stating to get warmer this week but then it snowed/rained all day Wednesday and started today while we were at the temple. The snow on Wednesday was a calm and peaceful type of snow and it inspired my district to have a few short snow ball "fights."

This week was a very good week. On Tuesday we had a devotional by Elder Martino of the Seventy and he spoke to us about the importance of fellow shipping investigators. He said that an investigator is much more likely to be baptized when a member does the fellow shipping and the missionaries do the teaching. So I hope you guys can help out the missionaries a little more in our ward :D! Thursday was the coolest day ever. In our evening block we talked about how to teach and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost and how it influences conversion and the way we teach. So the teacher had us write down a few questions/statements that we wanted answered and that we were having trouble with in the MTC. He then gave us 7 mins to prepare to teach our companions as themselves and 7 mins for the lesson. We had to completely rely on the Holy Ghost to direct what we would need to teach our companion. I want to testify that the Holy Ghost is real and that he directed both of our lessons. The the power of the Holy Ghost was incredible and we both were crying and pouring our hearts out to each other. Another amazing thing was that Elder Penaia told me that what I taught him answered his personal question and I had no idea what that was before! So the Holy Ghost is real and can guide us and help us if we trust and ask for his help.

Today we went to another wonderful session at the Provo temple. I love going to the temple because it is a nice way to recharge/relax spiritually and mentally and be prepared for another hard week at the MTC.

All of my District except for Elder Jacobson is going to the same mission I am and Elder Jacobson is going to Bolivia. We are having a good time together and we are al super excited to get out and teach the gospel.
To answer some of you questions:

Hannah: Escuela es terrible y yo quiero ver ya misión! Spanish coming along very nicely for only having been learning it for 2 and a half weeks but I know that it is through the Lords help that I am able to accomplish so much.
Cassidy: Don't worry I will only be gone for like 2 years so be strong in the gospel and don't fight with clay! :D
Dad: The food here is alright. Maybe it's on par with the food at scout camp but I don't know. The only thing the do a good job with is their soups and pot roast.
Mom: Our apartments are pretty nice, which is probably the only advantage to living on the West campus, and I'm not sure if we can cook in our apartments but we can't because we don't have stuff to cook with and it's easier just to go to the cafeteria in the Raintree apartments.
Clay: I will send a picture. Love ya bro!

The MTC is hard and I am tired all the time, but it is helping my spiritual growth tremendously and I
can't thank the Lord enough.

Elder Giles

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