Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15th, 2014

We had an ok week. We are working hard but not having too much luck finding new people to teach but we are trying. There is one member in our ward who helps us a bunch in bringing her friends to family home evenings so that´s going awesome because her friends love it! This week we will start some of them on the lessons so that they can learn more about what we believe and they are super interested. We hope everything goes well and we will continue working a lot with them.

Anyways, it is getting super hot down here but we are lucky to have a lot of rainstorms to cool things off every now and then, but the humidity is not helping at all once the sun comes out again. I sweat so much everyday and my shirts get nasty pretty quick, but we keep trucking along anyways.

So the 17th (this Wednesday) is Transfer day and also P-day NavideƱo or Christmas P-day so we will spend most of the day there with all of the mission and have lunch and hang out and stuff like that. I also heard that they give us our Christmas packages that day so we will see then! Then on the 30th of December we will go to the Temple as a mission so I am super pumped for that too! So we will skype on Christmas day but I don´t know what time yet because I don´t know what will happen at transfers. I will see what our member says but I will shoot for late morning-early afternoon in California which would be in the evening here so we will see.

Have a great week!

Elder Giles

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