Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8th, 2014

This week was super duper hot and it is expected to get even hotter! On Saturday it hit 36 degrees Celsius and the peak during the summer is supposed to be 40-45 degrees so I am not looking forward to that. Also I heard that the rain storms in summer are some of the strongest and worst and it didn´t rain that much in winter so we are expecting a lot of rain storms.

I found out some cool stuff this week. There is a member family that we visit and the father, who died about 13 years ago, served a mission in Cordoba I think, and so the daughter was showing us photos and I saw a picture of Bishop Bramwell! I wasn´t sure it was him because I couldn´t read his plaque but it looked exactly like him! Could you ask what mission he served in and if he knows an Elder Sanchez. His family would like to get in contact!

Then I was talking to one of the new missionaries in the zone and he said that he visa waited in the Camarillo stake but in Oxnard. His name is Elder Ward and he said that he worked with Brother Sawyer while he was there. Small world, huh? Ha ha, and then something funny: the streets here are mainly dirt and on either side there is a small ditch for the gutter and one day we were walking by some kids with home made fishing rods and they were looking at these ditches that were full of water. And one of them pulled out a foot-long eel! It was weird.

This week is the last week of the transfers and the 17th is Christmas p-day so we are super pumped to finish the transfer right!

Have a great week!
Elder Giles

Marcos Paz is in the middle of nowhere
This is a photo of the baptism we had this past week end! Her name is Candelaria, the rest is her less active family that we are working with to activate.

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