Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dec. 12th, 2015


So this week has been pretty fun because transfers are on Monday! We have been working pretty hard getting everything done for transfers and stuff for president too. One thing we did do differently is that I did exchanges with the zone leaders on Thursday. It was super cool being able to be out working all day and talking with everyone. It was also super hot so I got a nice tan (burn). But it was super fun. We walked around for about 3 hours contacting people trying to find plans and then some appointments fell through, then at the end of the day around 6:30 we started to have some lessons and it was a super amazing feeling testifying that what we share is true. The rest of the week was kinda boring, so there is not much to say. The Transfers are super cool because president is basically changing the whole mission around and we are getting 24 new missionaries to the mission. Then in January when I leave the mission will receive 30 new missionaries. The mission is growing and is super young and I kinda wish I could stay to train some of the new missionaries but I guess my time is almost up.

I also got Elder Penaia Teo´s last letter today and it was a little sad because he already ends and I still have a transfer left, but he sounded like the mission was really great for him and he learned and changed a lot. So Daniel is coming back to give his homecoming talk? That´s pretty cool! I bet it will be a special day. So I will also put up the Christmas decorations from last Christmas and send you a picture of it. Thank you for all your love a support and.....

Have a great week!

Elder Giles

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