Monday, January 11, 2016

Jan 11, 2016

This week has been pretty good. We had a few things to do in the offices but thankfully we were busy with other things. Everything sounds like it is going well there and I am happy that you are getting some rain there in Camarillo, we should be getting rain but the norm in Argentina is that it rains when you least expect it and then it rains when you don´t want it to. So it might rain today but we don´t know. hahaha. I am also glad that Seminary is going well and the everyone is learning even though the Old Testament is pretty hard to understand.

So this week we didn´t have much to do, but the other day we didn´t have much to do and we had to inspect the apartments of the missionaries in the district (only the elder´s) and so we went and did that in the morning and it ended up that the Elder was feeling a little sick so we got there and gave him a blessing. It was cool to see how the Lord guides us because I was planning on going on another day but then I just had the feeling to change up the plans. So then we had emergency companion exchanges because the Elder and his companion had to go the hospital and they both are deathly afraid of hospitals. So my comp went to the hospital and the other elder came with me. We went preaching in the evening and found new investigators and then the next morning we did a painting service project for a less active member. It is so weird walking around in normal clothes...

These 2 next weeks will probably be the slowest in my mission. It is so hard to be focused but thankfully I have plenty of things to do and the Lord helps us out so that we are not being idle. I am happy for the time I have left in the mission and I hope that everything is going well.

Thanks for the letter (1 of 3 for the new year). That´s pretty awesome that you´re starting your new work this week! Congratz! I hope everything went and continues to go well. That´s pretty awesome that Daniel and Zach got back already. It would be cool to be able to room together with Zach in Idaho, but my comp and another elder here in the offices are trying to convince me to go to Provo because they did a year there before coming on the mission and they say that it´s great. I don´t believe them... haha just kidding.

Have a great week!

Elder Giles

This picture is of Elder Giles (on the right) and his cousin, Matthew Jacobson (on the left). They are in the same mission. Lucas is at the end of his mission and Matthew is just getting started!

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