Saturday, January 2, 2016

January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!!!! (¡Feliz Año Nuevo!)

So this week was actually very stress free in a way. There is always that one week in each transfer where you don´t have that much to do, so this week was one of those. But it was very good. At the beginning of the week we had some good lessons with some less actives but we weren´t able to find and teach our regular investigators. Then on Thursday we did the same thing as last week where we got the group back together and ate BBQ again and hung out for the night watching the fireworks. It was a fun night and I was able to go to sleep a little earlier this time. :D Ha ha ha!

The offices are pretty fun right now and we are doing great. I forgot my camera so I will send pictures later.... Not much else is happening, except for that we will get a new missionary couple here in the offices on Monday. They are the Medina Family from one of the wards in the mission and will be helping out with the paperwork and stuff for the elders that are in charge of apartments and visas. The goal is that the new missionary matrimony will take off some of the work load from these elders and they can get out more and preach. My companion and I are fine because we get out everyday at least so that will be good for them. Other than that, I am excited for these last 3 weeks in the mission and I can´t wait to see you all again. That´s also super cool that Daniel got back but it must be super hard to get back and then go straight out to school again but I know it will be good!

Have a great week!

Elder Giles

So these are the pictures from the new year´s party in our apartment. they are of the bbq that we did and then everyone on the roof as we watched the fireworks. They were super cool and I took a video but i´ll have to show you when you get back. have a great Sabbath Day!

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