Monday, September 15, 2014

Sept. 15th, 2014


Ha ha, it´s so good to hear that the missionaries are finally baptizing in our ward! That´s so cool! I´m glad you went to the baptism because Marcia needs a lot of friendly hands to keep her active.

This week was pretty cool and Elder Navarrete and I are pretty active in the ward. On Friday I had to teach seminary. It was a little hard because I am not the most enthusiastic person and I´m learning Spanish so, yeah. There are only about 6 students and the class was a little boring, but I did it and it was a good learning experience. Also, every Friday about 40 young men come and play soccer at the church so Elder Navarrete and I go and play a little bit and then ask for the address from the players. Last Friday we had a few lessons with some and we got about 20 references so that was cool. This week we are going to contact them and their families! Then Saturday was the Mormon helping hands project in which our ward painted the play sets and walls of a pre-school and also the doors of another elementary school. It was fun and I got paint all over my hands and most of the ward participated. I don´t have many pictures because my camera died :( My comp and I are in charge of mutual too so we played soccer with the young men after the service activity. The leader for the youth in the ward is not very pro-active in having activities for the youth and my comp didn´t like that so we do mutual with the missionaries every Saturday!

This week we also focused more on finding new people to teach, so on Tuesday we dedicated the whole day to finding new people and following the guidance of the Holy Ghost. We found one lady who´s name is Gladys. She met the missionaries about 21 years ago in Formosa, a province in the north part of Argentina, and has listened to them for all this time but was never baptized. So when we knocked on her door she came out looking like she already knew us. We thought it was a little odd because we didn´t know her so we asked if she was a member of the church. She said no, but said that she had taken the lessons for quite some time. She is our miracle for this month because she really wants to be baptized and is excited to go to church and keep all of the commandments!

I know that the Lord answers our prayers and that if we learn to follow the promptings of the spirit, we will find miracles where ever we go!

Have a great week!

Elder Giles

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