Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29th, 2014


This week was really interesting! We had transfers on Wednesday and I got transferred out again! My comp and I both thought that I was going to stay and finally be senior comp but I got put into a trio instead. I am now in Parque San Martin in Merlo with Elder Lee and Elder Bartold who are both from Utah. Elder Lee has about 19 months in his mission and Elder Bartold only has about 2 months. We live in a really small apartment with 2 other elders: Elder Washburn and Elder Pribyl. So this is my first time with another companionship in the apartment, companions that are North Americans, and we basically only speak English now in the apartment which kinda stinks. I miss Latinos...

So this week we didn`t have time to do very much because after the transfer meeting we had to go to the Dotcor`s office to get Elder Bartold`s x-rays. His knee has been hurting him ever since he got to Argentina and we found out that his meniscus is gone in his right knee and that he has to go home to get surgery. So as of tonight, we will be back to the normal 2 which is sad because the trio was super fun. But we did a good amount of walking and meeting members and our progressing investigators. We also had some good lessons with them and they have plans to be baptized in October so we are super excited! I also had to give a talk in church on Sunday. For the first time I didn´t feel super duper nervous giving a talk and they told me that it went really well. I talked about missionary work and how important members are in fellow shipping and sharing the gospel to friends. The members liked it and one or two came up to us and gave us references, so that was cool. It is finally starting to warm up! But it also rained a ton on Sunday and we are looking forward to working a lot this next week.

Have a great Week!

Elder Giles

Elders Lee, Washburn, Pribyl ,Giles and Bartold

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