Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 20th, 2014


This week was pretty good! My companion and I are doing great and getting a long just fine! We are heading into summer right now so I wish that our apartment was a little bit cooler. The days are nice and sunny so I`m starting to get my tan back even though it is only on my face and arms... We are staying safe. This area is one of the more safer parts and the missionaries have worked here for a long time so the people know us and respect us but we still try to take precautions and walk in safer areas and roads.

So this week we decided to focus more on getting to know the less- actives in the ward. We went to visit one family on Tuesday night and we talked a little but about the basic things they should do everyday like praying, reading, and going to church. Then I asked the husband if he had prayed to know if the church was true. He told us that he did and also how he got his answer. He said that a few years ago he was praying to get his answer and that he wanted to know and feel and touch that the church was true. So he said that one day he was coming back from work on his bike through some fields and that he saw a piece of scrap that he wanted to take home. Then he went into the back of his house and pulled out a huge sign that said: "La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos do los Ultimos Dias." It was an old wooden-like sign from an old church building. It was probably one of the coolest ways to get an answer to prayer and that Heavenly Father answers our prayers exactly.

Then on Saturday we had another baptism! His name is Nahuel and he is the son of a member family  who the missionaries have taught for some time but just recently wanted to get baptized! The primary president wanted to do a special musical number for the baptism so I had to play the piano and my companion had to sing with some other members. I had practiced the song all week and I could play it pretty good, but when the time came to play for the baptism, I choked and messed up really bad... it was terrible. But there is always next time! Ha ha.

Have a great week
Elder Giles

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