Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27th, 2014

So this week was super hot. It is nice in the morning and at night but it just burns throughout the day so we are doing our best to have lessons and be inside as much as possible. The worst is that no matter what we do we are just sweating all the time. It´s really gross. But we keep pushing on.

This week we had some cool experiences. On Tuesday we had a good lesson with a part member family about the Restoration of the Church. The mother is a less active member and her sons are not members and in their 20s and her daughter has a baptismal date for the 22nd of November. So we started the lesson by asking if they had read the Book of Mormon since the last time we met and they said they hadn´t but the mother expressed to us that she thought that  only the Bible was the word of God and that the Book of Mormon was basically a knock-off. So we talked about prophets and the priesthood authority and that there is an order to Christ´s church. They all enjoyed the lesson and then at the end one of her sons said the closing prayer without us inviting him to. It was a spiritual lesson and they are all happy to continue to keep meeting with us.

Then on Saturday we went to visit an investigator who we had given a Book of Mormon to and all we did was invite her to read it. So for the past two weeks she has been reading it and loving it. She told us that every time she feels sad or mad or just can´t sleep, she opens to any page and starts to read and doesn´t stop until she calms down or feels tired. It was really surprising and so we talked a little bit more about the book and invited her to church. She didn´t come this week but we hope that she will come the next.

Sunday was really good too because My companion and I spoke in sacrament meeting about visiting and fellow shipping the less active members and also a bunch of less actives that we and a few members have been working with came to church. So we are happy that these families are starting to realize the blessings that come from the Gospel

We are doing a lot of Family home evenings in our ward with investigators and members so could you send me some ideas of fun examples or games to play. It would help a lot!

I know that Church is true and that the Book of Mormon is a True book. I love going and teaching people and helping them feel the spirit and realize that their Heavenly Father Loves them and that there are blessings and comfort that come through following the example of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Have a great week!
Elder Giles

Last week on Saturday we had a baptism in the ward! His name is Nahuel and is 10 years old. The elders had taught him for a while but recently he decided he wanted to get baptized. He is awesome and understands the gospel really well.

Last week on Monday we had a zone activity in Castelar! We did a bunch of "minute to win it" games. The one that I sent was a game were you had to place the m&m´s on top of the straws while sucking through another straw to put them on there. It was pretty fun!

this picture is out of our front window. It´s a nice day but SUPER hot.

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