Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015


This week was a little better than last week because we found our investigators again. Last week and earlier this week we weren´t able to meet with our progressing investigators like Lourdes and Maria, but Thursday we finally had a lesson with Lourdes and Wednesday with Maria. They are doing good but it is a little difficult to get them to go to church. It´s weird, there always seems to be some obstacle to stop them from coming. They and our other investigator Melody are all reading the Book of Mormon and praying aka, "progressing" and they have had the most difficulties. It is like the adversary is throwing everything at them so they can´t go and be baptized. It´s a little frustrating but we continue to move forward and find more people to teach. We were talking with some members this week and one of them said something interesting that living the gospel is for the brave of heart. There will always be difficulties in our lives but it´s up to us to make the decision to choose the right or the easy. The Church is true and even though it´s hard, it´s worth it.

We also had a cool experience with a less active member. Last week my companion gave him Alma 5 to read so we could talk about it the next time we came and so he read it and Alma 5 is pretty strong because Alma tells it straight and basically says that if you don´t follow God, then you are a child of the devil... And he actually felt worried that if he doesn´t complete with God, everything will be lost. It was cool to see that he took it to heart and we helped him put together a plan to get active again.

Well, I can´t believe that in 10 days that I will turn 20! It´s so crazy! Some members in the ward found out that I have my birthday soon so we are going to have dinner with them. I also went to the offices and they got my package!!!!!!!!! We are still in Ramos Mejia right now so when we get back to Marcos Paz we will open it. I am so excited!

That´s pretty sad that a few people died that we know.. At least we have the comfort of the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation to know that they are in a better place and that they can continue to progress and help others do the same.

This next week will be pretty sunny so we are going to work on them tans :)

Have a great week!

Elder Giles

So we played tennis with the Elders from Marcos Paz 1. It was fun!

these are some of the great sunsets in Marcos Paz

Buenos Aires Temple with my district

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