Monday, February 23, 2015

February 22, 2015


So this week was pretty good! We are working hard on getting more lessons and finding more people to teach and it is going well. The funny thing was that two of our investigators tried to drop us by saying that they didn´t want us to come by anymore and it was only after the 1st lesson. So to one of them we taught the Restoration and the other the Plan of Salvation and they said we could come back! They can´t run from the truth that easily!

But we did have a bummer this week: Our investigator Melody wasn´t baptized. She is ready and has all the lessons and everything but her mom doesn´t think that she is completely committed to being a member so they are going to wait until May when Melody turns 18. But David, another investigator, is progressing really well and is basically ready to to be baptized right now but we are waiting until baptismal date in March on the 14th. It will be great!

Then on Saturday we did service in a member´s front yard putting in a new gate and what we had to do is pick through the concrete and bricks in the ground and then make a hole for the new posts because the other ones were pretty old and insecure. Then after that we played soccer at the church with a bunch of boys from the neighborhood. Then Sunday was great because we had two less active families and a few investigators in church. One is the Galeano Family who is progressing very well! The father is now reading and praying and loves talking to us about the stuff he reads and also his younger daughter. This has been the 3rd week in a row that he and his daughter have come so it´s great! His wife and other daughter haven´t come yet but we hope the the Father and daughter will help and get them to come too! Then we had the Cortez Family come as a family! The mother and son were there for the whole time and then the Father came in halfway through Sacrament meeting directly from work! That was great!

My comp and I are doing great! The weather was super nice this week because there was a huge rainstorm on Wednesday. It rained like crazy with strong winds and it flooded everything. It rained heavy for only an hour and then calmed down and then Thursday through Sunday was nice and cold so it was a good break form the heat. Yes, everyone says that I look skinnier but I feel fine! I eat the same or I try to eat more but I just can`t gain weight. I haven´t been sick for a few months so I think everything is fine. I'm pretty sure I don´t have a parasite.... ha ha ha ha like bishop Bramwell had!

Have a great week!

Elder Giles

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