Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16th. 2015


This week was pretty good. My new companion is Elder Ortolano from Canada but he was born in Brasil. He speaks English and Portuguese and already speaks a good amount of Spanish. So he understands a lot of what the people say but still doesn´t understand everything. He did pretty good for his first week and is adjusting really well, I think. He is still pretty tired but still  is excited to work. On Friday we did some tracting and we contacted a family from Brasil. We started the contact in Spanish but then we found out they were from Brasil so my comp just took off in Portuguese and set us a time to go another day. It was cool because I could understand most of what they were saying and it was also a chance for my comp to practice contacting.

On Saturday we had David´s baptism! It was great even though there weren´t that many people there and the water was super cold because the hot water heater doesn´t work. At least it will be a day that he will never forget! ha ha ha. We had been teaching him for the past 6 weeks and the best thing was, is that he went to church every week and didn´t have any problems in accepting the gospel or adjusting to being part of the Church because he had the help of a member family the whole time. They brought him to church and helped him every step of the way. In my opinion that is the best way for successful missionary work because David will stay in the church because he has the support he needs. I feel very thankful and privileged to have and the opportunity to teach him.

We also had many members in church this week and also a family of new investigators: Walter and Ilda. We have been teaching them for a few weeks and they went to church yesterday and they loved it. They are Catholics and are not very active in church but love listening to us. Ilda is reading the Book of Mormon but we need to work on helping them pray. One cool thing is that they also invited their friend, who lives across the street, to listen to us too!

Not much else happened this week but we are working hard to find more people to teach and baptize in the coming months. I love you and pray for you and the family all the time. I am glad that you are doing great in seminary and having fun. I hope everything continues to go well

Have a great week!

These are pictures of a bus with one of the big Argentine soccer team´s logo on it. I thought it was cool...

This are pictures of the scenery on the highway going to Marcos Paz

David´s baptism!

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