Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30th, 2015


So this week was a little hard for my comp because he got sick and we had to stay in the apartment Tuesday and Saturday. On Tuesday he had a fever and a huge headache so he rested all day. Then on Wednesday he felt better so we went to our zone conference in Ramos Mejia. That took the whole day and we got back at 5, so we had a great lesson with a part member family on the plan of salvation. They had a lot of questions and comments and I was happy to feel the spirit as we testified to the family of the truthfulness of the gospel and scriptures and that they can know for themselves that the things that we teach are true.

On Thursday we didn´t have that great of a day but we did receive a referral from the mission offices and so we contacted the family and set a return appointment for the next day. Friday we went to this family and we had a great lesson on the Restoration of the Gospel. They had many questions about everything and are super interested so we gave them a Book of Mormon and invited them to read it. We will see what happens this next week and we will invite them to the General Conference this week.

The ward is planning to show the General Conference at our Chapel in Marcos Paz 2 which is awesome because in past years everyone would have to go to the stake building, an hour away in a bus, and watch it there because barely anyone has internet in their homes. This is exciting because we have the chance to get more investigators to go! 

So on Saturday we stayed in the apartment again because my comp had stomach pains and we found out that it was a virus so we bought the antibiotics and now he is feeling a lot better. We went to church on Sunday and also went out that day and today he is feeling even better! So that´s awesome.

The weather changed dramatically this week. At the beginning it was a little cold and we wore our sweaters but then it got progressively hotter during the week and now it is back to normal. -_- I was super excited for the cold....

We are looking forward to a better week this week and also working more with members to get them out to lessons and asking for referrals. We kinda lost our focus on members helping us out and we had been working on our own for a little bit but now our bishop has helped us to move back onto track. The ward is now pushing to get more members active and rescue their brothers and sisters in the faith. This is a great time to be in Marcos Paz and I am happy to be a missionary.

Have a great week! Help the missionaries in anyway you can!

Love, Elder Giles

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