Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015


So this week was a little difficult but good. We had a little trouble finding our regular investigators and also finding new people to teach. We got a referral on Tuesday from one of the Elders in our zone for a less active. We went to the house later that day and we found him, or he found us. He is 11 years old and when we passed by his house he came out to greet us and tell us that he is a member and everything. He then invited us inside and began pulling out his books like the Book of Mormon and showing us what he read and stuff like that. It was cool because he was super excited to talk to us and he also had some friends over so we shared the story about when Nephi broke his bow. He goes to church in another ward in our stake with his grandma so that's good. The rest of the week wasn´t that great because we couldn´t find everyone and also last week President set a rule that we can´t play sports during proselyting hours so on Saturday we went to open the church for about 40 people to play soccer but we had to watch. Members still don´t go so it was a little boring.

Thanks for the comment about my English. I am glad I am improving in my Spanish enough so that my English stinks. Another step forward! ha ha ha. Elder Smith and I talk a lot in English and we have realized that we say things that would only make sense to people who know both English and Spanish. We are thinking about making an official language: Spanglish. It will be awesome!

I am glad that things are going well in Camarillo in seminary and with the family. It sounds like Clay will be short and stocky and basically will be able to beat me up when he gets older. Hopefully he will get skinnier, ha ha ha. I am glad that his team is doing well and that he is getting stronger! Hannah told me that she got accepted into BYU! and she also mentioned that Jake got in too :( ha ha ha. Seems like they will get married in a year. ( I hope not) ha ha ha ha.

Matt Prater leaves too! That´s awesome! I am so happy for him! it will be awesome in Mississippi. Also tell Tiffany I say hi too. ha ha ha, you always make those kinds of jokes.

So this week we have transfers and Elder Smith leaves and I will train my first son! It is going to be awesome and I am excited and nervous. Did you train any missionaries in your mission? How did it go? Transfers are Wednesday so next week I will tell you who is my comp.

The work here in Marcos Paz is going well and the ward is improving we had two less active families in church and our investigator who has a baptismal date for this week. Today we will set everything for Saturday and he will get baptized. Good things this week: It was hot and 3 less active families and out investigator, David, came to church. The chapel was a little fuller and it was great. Our David is doing well and is ready to be baptized on Saturday. We have a few more investigators but we are still looking for more. I love this work and I enjoy being a missionary more and more each day. The church is true and Jesus Christ lives.

Have a great week!

Elder Giles

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