Monday, November 16, 2015

November 14th, 2015


So this week was pretty cool. We had a lot of things to do in the offices to prepare for the next coming weeks for the zone conferences which are going to be pretty awesome. The weather was pretty crazy this week too. At the beginning of the week it was super hot and humid and then out of nowhere it rained for two days and on the second day we got super drenched because we weren´t prepared and so now my companion is a little sick and so am I combined with my allergies. But it´s alright. We are having a good time sneezing and sniffling. The weather doesn´t help at all either..... so it´s not that great of a situation. But we are working hard and visiting a few people. We went with a member to visit his less active cousin on Monday. The cousin just got out of jail like seven months ago and is really wanting to change his life. He has already changed a lot and is willing to come back to church again. They also invited us to eat dinner with them on Sunday so we hope it will taste good! hahahaha.

We also did splits with the other elders in the offices which was pretty fun. They don´t get to proselyte a lot so they were super happy to do it. They work so much and are super busy with the apartments in the mission and everything. I went with Elder Valis from Mexico and we taught the Sanchez Family. They are doing pretty well even though they didn´t go to church on Sunday but we invited them again for the stake conference tomorrow. It feels so great to teach and testify.

So my companion had a fun experience this week: The first one was on Tuesday when I had a district leader meeting and so he did splits with the companion of the other district leader in the zone and they went together. The other Elder´s name is Elder Nixon and he is new in the mission but is famous in the zone for making deep-fried alfajores (an Argentine snack). So he dips them in pan cake batter and then fries them in a pot in the apartment and so my comp and him had finished that and were cleaning up when they had an accident. Elder Nixon, some how, knocked the lighter into the pot of hot oil that they had just finished using so they had about 8 seconds to get out of the apartment when the lighter melted and exploded hot oil over all the kitchen... hahahahha. such klutzes! They weren´t hurt because they got out in time but they were a little shaken up ahahaha. After that happened they spent the next two hours cleaning up until our meeting ended. I thought it was funny!

I think the time in the offices is going pretty slowly right now but once I get used to things and everything becomes more routine, I think time will go by even faster. Also thanks for signing me up to do the next Ragnar because I am super out of shape, I think. I´ll try to be excited for it! hahaha. Also give my congratulations to the family for doing a good job!

So yeah, good week. I hope you have a good one too.

So here are a few pictures of the Casa Rosada (the pink house) which is the Argentine  equivalent of the White House in the U.S. Then the others are of a few statues in the same area and then a few blocks down is the Obelisk which apparently was a gift from France to Argentina and is super famous too. Pretty cool huh?

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