Sunday, November 1, 2015

Oct 31, 2015

This week was pretty different because we did transfers! It is actually pretty cool how everything goes down and it´s funny because we know the transfers like a week before the actual day, so the whole week everyone is asking us what´s going to happen. Sometimes it´s really hard not to say what happens so yeah... Also Elder Maldonado has been a little weird this whole week because he already knows where he´s going and everything. It´s a little crazy because he is leaving to a dangerous area as a district leader, opening up the area and training all at the same time.... I think he´s pretty excited... ha ha ha! We also did some reports and finalization's for Monday and so we are ready. I just hope that I know enough to do everything because now I have to train Elder Lowe in the ways of the offices. It is pretty exciting and I feel ready for the challenge. Also I am going to be district leader! This will be the first time in the mission so I hope it will go well.

I am happy everything is going great in California, except for not having rain. This week was super weird because it started to get warmer then one day it got super hot and super humid and then the next day it rained and cooled everything off and now it is sunny and warm again. The weather just doesn´t make up it´s mind anymore and it makes it super hard to judge what to wear everyday. At least we have air conditioning in the offices. I´m actually kind of excited for Summer. ha ha ha!

That´s so cool that Cassidy is dropping her cross country race times down by MINUTES! Tell her congratulations for me because that´s awesome. For Halloween we are doing p-day, playing soccer and then cleaning the apartment and then sleeping. Best. Halloween. Ever. ha ha ha! One good thing though is that Sister Mitchel (the senior missionary) always gives us candy from the states, so yesterday we got to eat some Halloween themed kit-Kat bars. They were so good and I miss them so much. sometimes she also gives us Reese's Peanut Butter Cups sooo that is awesome. ha ha ha! I never realized how much I miss American candy.

Elder Giles

My District, last transfer

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