Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

Hello Family,

So this week was pretty fun. We were pretty busy at the beginning of the week getting all the orders done for the zone conferences. Our zone conferences are usually like a meeting and lunch in one of the chapels but this transfer we are doing a session in the temple as part of the conference so it is super cool. Our zone conference is on Tuesday so the whole morning we will be in the temple. I am super excited. Last Sunday was pretty good because we went over to a less active, part member´s house and gave a blessing because the member was going to have an operation on a tumor in her kidney. So that was a good experience because the trains were not working that day so we walked about 40 mins to get to the house and then give the blessing. Then today the 1st counselor of the bishopric told us that when this sister went into the hospital last Monday and the doctors couldn´t find anything so she was super relieved and so was her family. The husband and a few of the kids are not members so hopefully we will start teaching them soon. They seem very promising. Then there were a few thunderstorms this week and we got soaked again but it was fun. I finally got to use my boots again! hahaha. then we also got a new member of the offices this week: Elder Mcfarland who is from northern California. So the offices are filled with Californians which is pretty sweet.

Also last Sunday we had our stake conference and Elder Urra, who is an area seventy, came down and gave a really good talk. I don´t remember all of it but he talked about being better members and loving and things like that but there was one story that was super cool that he shared: In his mission, he and his zone put together a sort of special dinner and musical number for their stake leaders. So there were just bishops and other stake leaders there and so half way through the program in the middle of singing "a poor wayfaring man of Grief" a hobo walked into the church. The stake leaders thought that it was part of the program that he had walked into but from the look they got from the missionaries, it wasn´t. So to of the members got up and took the hobo outside of the church and closed the doors on him. Then later on when they had the dinner, there was an empty seat with a plate of food ready for someone to eat and all the other chair were filled up with the invited people. It was a pretty surprising story and the whole room just went quiet after that. It was pretty powerful.

So next week will be kind of awesome and I will tell you about it next week! Also I couldn´t write yesterday because we had like an office worker activity were we went and played football and also my comp has an ingrown toe nail so we also went to the hospital. sorry.

Have a great week.

Elder Giles

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