Monday, April 7, 2014

Dang! General Conference was so good! I only got to watch the Priesthood and Sunday Morning sessions and they had some really good talks! My favorite was Elder Uchtdorf´s talk on having an attitude of Gratitude because he said that having an attitude of Gratitude is the gateway to having all the Christ-like attributes and that forgiveness is the only way to heal the soul. I like this because I have experienced both of these points on my mission. Another great thing about conference is that we had a family of 5 investigators attend the Sunday Morning session! They liked it so much that when they went back to their house, they watched the second Sunday session on the internet! They are awesome!

We watched General Conference at the chapel in Caseros. Conference was streamed in the chapel in Español and also in a smaller room in Ingles so all the American missionaries in our zone could watch it in English! So I watched the Priesthood and Sunday morning sessions in English but I couldn´t watch the Sunday Afternoon session because the power went out at the chapel. That was pretty lame....

Elder Rivera and I are much happier after this past week because we seemed to be more blessed by the Lord. We found a bunch of new, amazing investigators and progressed a lot with others. One thing I have forgotten to mention before is that Elder Rivera and I seem to have an affinity for finding Jehovah´s Witnesses. One of our investigators is a Jehovah´s Witness and from what I understand about their doctrine is that it is very confusing. He also is trying to convert me and Elder Rivera... It´s not going well for him.

We are going to have a baptism this Saturday! We are so excited! She is going to be baptized by her father who is also a recent convert and I know that this will make her experience that much better!

I hope you are all doing well! I am getting more accustomed to the missionary life and Argentina and I understand and speak a lot more Español now!

Les Amo!
Elder Giles


Elder Eraso, Elder Pasket, Elder Rivera, and I in Loma Hermosa!

We had a Zone Meeting on Tuesday! Our zone is called Caseros

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