Monday, March 31, 2014

5 weeks in Argentina!

This week was much better than the last! We found a bunch of new investigators, had many lessons with members and I spoke a lot more to people on the street and in lessons!

The problem with last week is that we couldn´t complete our key indicators and the places we struggled most were in finding new people and having lessons with a member present. We found out this past week on Friday that we, or I, lacked the faith and determination to find new investigators and finish our key indicators each week. On Friday we had divisions with other missionaries in Loma Hermosa A: Elder Eraso (our Dirstrict leader) and Elder Pasket (who is from Utah) . So I spent the day with Elder Pasket in their area and Elder Eraso was with Elder Rivera in our area. It was a pretty good experience. Elder Pasket only has 3 months in the mission so he can understand and speak enough castellana to teach and talk to people but he doesn´t know his area very well so we got lost... once. But he did teach and help me understand many things I should be looking out for during each day and it was nice to spend the day with someone who could speak English fluently. Elder Eraso and Elder Rivera found a bunch of new investigators in our area and had many lessons with members which helped us get back on track. The main thing that we learned that day was that we simply need to show our faith in Heavenly Father and open our mouths and talk to everyone we can.

My castellana is coming along very well and I can see improvement every day! Now that I can understand people a lot better I am trying to speak a lot more and I am also contributing in lessons more too! For Example, Saturday I explained about the Apostasy and about Joseph Smith.

Other than that, not much happened this week. We had a big bag of empanadas for lunch on Tuesday, some guy tried to steal from us, we walk alot everyday, it rained pretty hard yesterday and we have a baptismal date set for one of our investigators for the 12th of April!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a missionary. It is hard, but it is well worth it!

Love,  Elder Giles

(Castellana is the dialect of Spanish that the Argentines speak with the "sh" sound)

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