Monday, March 10, 2014

Wow, another week has flown by! I am feeling a lot better as a missionary now that I am somewhat accustomed to how things go in Argentina.

The food here is pretty good. We usually have cereal for breakfast and then have a big lunch at one of the Member´s houses. So far my favorite thing to eat is Asado at Hermano Gomez´s house. We don´t have dinner because we get back to the apartment around 9 and then have to plan for tomorrow and do other stuff.

Spanish is coming along very well. I can see a slight improvement each day in my ability to speak and understand what people are saying. This week was really awesome because I could actually contribute in our lessons! I can feel a lot more power and the presence of the Holy Ghost when both of us are speaking and testifying. Elder Rivera does a good job of giving me opportunities to speak in our lessons and I also give him a little nudge when I feel prompted to say something. It is hard learning a new language when on a mission but I love it because I am learning to trust in the Spirit more and I can feel more of our Heavenly Father´s blessings.

We have had lots of experiences this week. One of which was on Tuesday when we were teaching one of our investigators. We asked her about how she feels in our lessons and were explaining to her that what she feels is the Holy Ghost. During the latter end of our explanation she felt a little whoosy and then sort of collapsed on the ground in front of her house. I don´t know if it was because she was overcome by the Holy Ghost or because she smokes but it freaked out Elder Rivera a little bit. We got her up and back into her house a few mintues later and everything was fine.

On Friday we were on our way to another appointment when we passed by a guy in front of his house and he started speaking English to us. He asked us about our purpose in being in Argentina and about our church in English and so I had to do most of the explaining to him. It was a little weird because I was caught off guard at the fact that we were speaking English and that I had to take the lead in talking to him instead of Elder Rivera. It was a cool experience because it helped me build confidence in talking to random people on the street and to know what is was like to talk more than my companion.

I love being here in Argentina! The people are great, my companion is great, and the members are great!

Elder Giles

first apartment with Elder Rivera

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