Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lucas arrived safely in Argentina on Tuesday morning February 25th. This is his first email he sent to us on Monday, March 3rd.

This week was pretty weird. The change from the US to Argentina is starting to seem real and my feelings about being here are kinda jumbled. But, everything is alright! I am excited about being here and learning how to be a missionary and the language. On Tuesday we spent the day getting to know Presidente and Sister Carter and had a bunch of orientations. Wednesday the President met with us new missionaries and trainers and showed us a clip from the Lion King to demonstrate very simply the process of learning and teaching. A few hours later there was a 2 hour meeting where they showed some videos about the last transfer and the missionaries leaving gave their testimonies. Then the new tranfers/companionships were announced. My trainer is Elder Rivera! He is from Mexico and speaks fluent spanish and very little Engilsh and has been out for about six months. Then we hopped into our ride, dropped off my things at our appartment and then hit the road.

It is very hard to do anything or say anything when I have no idea what the people are saying and these past few days I have been a little disouraged. But I am trying really hard to understand and each day I can see a little improvement. Elder Rivera is really awsome because he does basically all the talking and I just sit there and listen and try to understand. He does help me to understand a little bit and some times in lessons he lets me explain a certain point, or I share a scripture or say a prayer. He is an awesome missionary and I can tell he loves the people and loves teaching the gospel.

The food here is not that much different then in the US. We have had pastas, some very good beef, breads and such. I had empanadas the first day and they were pretty good.

We did have one cool experience this week on Friday. After not having any success with talking to a particular investigator, a guy waved us over and asked if we had a Book of Mormon. We gave him a copy and he asked us a few questions. I couldn´t understand much but basically he asked us why we believe in what we believe. Elder Rivera and I bore awesome testimonies to the man and we all got a little teary eyed because the spirit was so strong. Elder Rivera also bore his testimony about Joseph Smith and challenged him to read the Book of Mormon, and he accepted. I felt like a real missionary! I can´t wait for more opportunities to share my testimony throughout my mission.

I love you all and hope you had a wonderful week.

Elder Giles

Presidente and Sis. Carter with Elder Giles, Buenos Aires Temple

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