Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 17, 2014
Each week just gets a little better than the last! This week was my first Zone Conference and we had a lot of good lessons.

So last week there was a change in our area. Our area is now called Loma Hermosa B, we got a chunk of the Hermana`s area which was Billinghurst A, and we are now in a different district. This is also a big change for the members and investigators in our area because we have to go to a different chapel in Loma Hermosa. We also have to find another apartment closer to the Chapel in Loma Hermosa because the one we have now, which is about 20 mins walking distance from the chapel in San Martin, is about 40 mins by bus and walking. So we need to find an apartment closer. This also makes it a little tougher to get our investigators to church, but I know that if we put our trust in the Lord and also do our part as missionaries, we can see miracles happen.

The Zone Conference was pretty good. We met at the Mission Offices in Ramos Mejia from 9 in the Morning until 2:00 in the Afternoon. It was basically training on how we can teach our investigators better and be better missionaries in general. Presidente and Hermana Carter and the AP`s spoke to us about various aspects of missionary work. One I remeber most was Hermana Carter`s lesson where she showed us various video clips of Basketball fails and had us apply what happened in the video to how a lesson with an investigator was going. The conference overall was very helpful and I learned a lot (from what I could pick out because everything was in Spanish) and we also had empanadas and pizza at the end for lunch!

My Spanish is improving each day! This week I could understand a lot more of what Elder Rivera and the people were saying and so I spoke a lot more too! I contributed in all of our lessons this last week and because of this we could feel the influnce and guidance of the Holy Ghost. I`m not saying that I`m super spiritual or anything it`s just that it fulfills what it says in the scriptures: "by the mouth of two or three witnesses shall my word be established"

We had about 20 lessons this week which, I think, is pretty good. We have one investigator who has a baptisimal date set for the 29 of this month. We talked with her this week and she is very excited to be baptized and we are super excited that she is excited to be baptized!

I am learning more and more about the Gospel and the Book of Mormon everyday! I love teaching and testifying because I know this Church is a true church and that the Book of Mormon is a true book. Some of my favorite scripture are:

Helaman 5:12
Ether 12:6,27
3 Nephi 27:13-22

Love you all!
Have a Great week!
Elder Giles

Elder Giles with his District at their first Zone Conference

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