Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4th, 2014


Last week was pretty good! We had a Zone activity on Monday and divisions on Wednesday and Thursday with the Zone Leaders.In the Zone Activity we ate lunch at the Peruvian Restaurant a block away from the church, played soccer, and played a game like charades. It was hilarious.

Then we had divisions with the Zone Leaders and I went to their area in Villa Tesei. It was really good because I was with Elder Collins from Wyoming and I learned a lot from him. It was also a little difficult because we, being native English speakers, don´t understand everything that the people say and our Spanish isn´t the best so some of the people had a hard time understanding us. But it was awesome because we found a bunch of new people to teach and I got to practice my teaching skills.

There was also a big change in the mission. President did away with a bunch of the rules for all of the missionaries and many aspects of proselyting. In effect, he gave us less rules to follow, which is good for some and bad for others. However, it shows that he trusts us a lot, which is pretty awesome.

Summer finally started creeping in this week with warmer weather, but winter is not giving up without a fight so it is expected to drop a little this next week.

Have a great week!
Le Amo
Elder Giles

playing charades with the zone

playing charades with the zone

enjoying Orea cookies with Elder Collins

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